Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) has been engaged since 2008 in building broad-based awareness of the need to expand, integrate and modernize America’s high-voltage transmission system. The goals of Americans for a Clean Energy Grid are:

  • Providing market access for rich resources of clean energy currently remote from the grid;
  • Integrating the grid to ensure reliability, improve availability of variable resources, and promote competitive energy markets;
  • Encouraging and implementing advanced technologies for the high-voltage system;
  • Strengthening national security as electric energy becomes ever more essential; and
  • Providing vital backbone support for the ongoing diversification, distribution, and digital management of electricity sources and uses at the customer end of the system.

Americans for a Clean Energy Grid works with utilities, environmental advocates, transmission owners and developers, renewable energy companies, technology manufacturers, labor unions, and public-interest groups, uniting this highly diverse coalition in educating the public and public policy makers about the importance and feasibility of these objectives.