Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG) has sponsored and hosted a series of nine regional transmission webinars, in which you can participate retroactively at the following link. Each of these followed an earlier day-long summit conference held in that region.  We have further regions in mind where we plan the same in-depth review of the state of the electric transmission grid, its stakeholders, needs, and challenges, and will add those regions to our ongoing update webinars, so stay tuned for upcoming announcements, and plan to join us either in person or on line.   

There are, however, numerous issues that arise nationally across the regions, and can be productively addressed as a means of advancing toward a U.S. clean energy grid that is integrated, affordable, reliable, smart and achievable, among other attributes. Underlying each one of the issues is the necessity of having an educated public and private sector able to discuss and act on them. ACEG is therefore undertaking a deeper dive on the substance of the issues–from all perspectives–with a new series of topical transmission webinars.

An initial list of topics includes:

  • Status of Order 1000: What’s Ahead?
  • Regional Organized Electricity Markets: Have they Proven Themselves?
  • How Far Can Distributed Resources Go in Replacing the Central Grid?
  • Regional Transmission Cost Allocation: Is it Fair?
  • Would the West Make a Good Organized Market?
  • Emerging Transmission Technologies
  • Transmission Costs Within Total Grid Economics: Does Clean Energy Help or Hurt?
  • Lead Time and Costs of New Transmission: Physical and Financial Realities Versus Regulatory and Permitting Realities
  • Transmission Line Siting, Permitting, Landowner Compensation, Environmental and Habitat Protection: Anything New Under The Line?

We remain open to topical suggestions. Each webinar will span one hour, will feature presentations by experts from across the country, will offer an opportunity for interactive discussion and follow-up, and will be free of cost to participants.

You will need to RSVP in order to receive the link to each webinar. E-mail reminders will be sent out once final dates are established and speakers confirmed. They will also be sent out one week before and the day of.

Status of Order 1000 Compliance: What’s Ahead?

January 28, 2015 at 2:00 PM ET
Featuring the following presenters:

John Moore, Senior Attorney, Sustainable FERC Project
Raja Sundararajan, VP Transmission Asset Strategy and Policy, American Electric Power
Maria Farinella, Special Counsel, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission