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Americans for a Clean Energy Grid support policies that will modernize the nation’s electric power network and unlock clean energy and economic opportunities across the country. The backbone of a clean electricity system and a strong economy is a resilient and reliable transmission grid. Smart state and federal policies that improve the way the grid is developed, planned, and paid for will help it become a more robust, reliable, and secure network that supports expansion of renewable energy, competitive power markets, energy efficiency, and lower costs for consumers.

On April 1, 2015, Americans for a Clean Energy Grid and The Utton Transboundary Resources Center hosted the Southwest Clean Energy Transmission Summit at the University of New Mexico, headlined by Senator Martin Heinrich. Click below to view videos and slides from the day!

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Stanford Study: U.S. Can Move to 100% Renewable Energy MUCH Sooner Than You Think. Transmission Infrastructure is Critical.

by Bill White • Posted in General • July 17th, 2015

Powering everything in America with renewable energy by 2050 – including transportation – is economically and technically feasible using existing and proven technologies, according to a new study by Mark Jacobson and colleagues at Stanford University.  As scientific evidence grows that avoiding catastrophic climate change impacts might actually require the U.S. and other countries around […]

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Cross Post: The Clean Energy Case for Transmission Has Never Been Stronger

by Bill White • Posted in Cross-post • July 10th, 2015

This article was written by Bill White and John Jimison and was originally published on Greentech Media. In the two years since we outlined how smarter transmission policy could accelerate and reduce clean energy costs in America’s Power Plan, evidence continues to mount that robust high-voltage transmission networks are indispensable to a clean energy future. […]

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Rooftop Solar is Great, But the Grid is the Real Key to Giving Everyone Clean Power

by Bill White • Posted in General • July 1st, 2015

Bill McKibben (“Solar Power for Everyone,” June 29th) is right that cheap solar energy is hopeful news for the climate, but no one should conclude that it will render our integrated electric grid or the utilities that own and operate it obsolete.  Energy efficiency and rooftop solar are essential, but expanding the grid to tap […]

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