Americans for a Clean Energy Grid

Americans for a Clean Energy Grid support policies that will modernize the nation’s electric power network and unlock clean energy and economic opportunities across the country. Transmission is the backbone of a clean electricity system and a strong economy is a resilient and reliable transmission grid. Smart state and federal policies that improve the way the grid is developed, planned, and paid for will help it become a more robust, reliable, and secure network that supports expansion of renewable energy, competitive power markets, energy efficiency, and lower costs for consumers.

Our Path to a Clean Energy Future

Transmission is the foundation of our electric system and our country’s growth and security. Expanding and upgrading the electric transmission network will strengthen America’s economy, spur the development and use of clean and renewable energy sources, and ensure a secure and modern power system. New transmission would give customers access to new sources of power, competitive energy markets, and lower prices. The nation’s energy future awaits.